[Issue-Fixed] Win10 - Teredo - IPv6

Hello Glasswire-Team,

on Windows 10 Ent. 64bit ENG. 1903 there seems to be an issue with the Teredo connection on Glasswire not showing up at all.

If I switch from “Ask to Connect” to “Click to Block” = It works!

If I stay on “Ask to Connect” = It does not work!

Why I can not say since there is no connection showing up that it is blocked…

Solution = Windows Firewall Setting

Rule -> Inbound -> Network Discovery for Teredo (SSDP-In) and Network Discovery for Teredo (UPnP-In) = “Advanced” Tab and select Profile from Windows Firewall (Domain or Private or Public or All)

The Network Discovery Outbound Rules should be OK there has to be three each for each profile… :wink:

Now it is NAT Type Open and Connected :smiley:

and my GlassWire can stay at “Ask to Connect”

Best regards


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We have opened a ticket for this to investigate, thank you for your detailed report. :+1: