Issue with multiple monitors when dragging GW window

Seem to have found issue when moving the Glasswire window to another monitor in a multi-monitor setup causes the window to lose the ability to drag and reposition once dropped on other screen. Resize still works, but not drag. Anyone else confirm this happens to them as well? I have main laptop display + 1x HDMI connected, and 2x plugable USB-A to HDMI adapters. Doesn’t matter which one I drag to. they all lock after dropping window on any part of any other 3 screens.

If you go to the top left menu in GlassWire and choose “About”, what version do you have?

2.2.304. I just grabbed the current version & updated and it seems to have gone away, so hopefully it was an artifact of the older version. Thanks!

I’m glad it’s fixed! Yes, this was a known bug that was mentioned in our change list for 2.3.