Issue with NordVPN

Hello, I’m using GW version 2.2.242 and NordVPN Windows app (Windows 10) version and I’m noticing every time I connect to VPN, the blocked apps in GW are accessing the internet as if the firewall was not even turned on. Also, when connected to VPN, I get a notification when something accesses the internet for the first time, but do not get the ‘allow’ pop-up (firewall is set to “Ask to Connect”. The app is added to GW and has immediate access to the internet.

Glasswire seem to work properly if VPN is not active.

I see previous issues with Nord in the forum over the years, and I have completely uninstalled, reset Windows firewall, rebooted, and performed a clean install of Glasswire 5 or 6 times and even tried an earlier version, which behaved in the same manner.

I’m hoping someone at Glasswire could test with the same version and see if they have the same results. Thank you.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’m very sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue.

We haven’t seen any complaints about Nord lately. I believe we still have a paid test account with them so we’ll see if we can reproduce this issue.

Meanwhile, if anyone ever has any issues with VPN services you will find that most of these companies will allow you to use your built in VPN software on your device in most cases. Using your built in VPN software is in many cases more secure, more stable, and it will help you avoid conflicts with other software.

I use the built in OS VPN software on my devices personally for both Windows and Android and I find it’s more secure, reliable, and uses less resources.

Hi @Ken_GlassWire - thank you for your response. I do agree with you regarding your approach with VPN, however I do have the need to change my server (for load balancing purposes), so the app does help with that aspect.

Please note, the latest version of Nord just came out. I was going to install a previous version of Nord, which filehippo claims to have, but once you select ‘download’ it just sends you to Nord’s site to download the latest version, so I was not able to confirm if the previous version was working.

If you are able to confirm, please let me know, thanks again.

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@Ken_GlassWire, just a quick update. I was able to downgrade NordVPN to version and things appear to be working properly. I contacted Nord and they seem to be aware of this Windows firewall issue with the latest releases but do not have a resolution in place yet. Just wanted you to know. Thanks again.



Thank you for investigating this and letting me know about a solution. Perhaps Nord will make a change in the future. If I understand correctly they are choosing to bypass the user’s Windows Firewall settings and in my personal opinion that’s a bit unusual and not a best security practice.

If anyone is reading this in the future and they want to keep their PC secure while using Nord (due to Windows Firewall settings/API usage), please consider using your own Windows VPN software instead of theirs.

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