Issues with version 3.3.630

What I have noticed it happens when my PC stays on for longer time with some moderate network activities.

Unknow NPE in the logs just tells that there is a code state not handled by errors/exceptions handler.

Recently I have noticed it crashes each 5-6 hrs so is getting into bad state of a product instability. Not worth to renew for next year…

Now it started to be even worse - service will be stable on average for 2 hrs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hey @Scyzor-yk

Please can you send logs to so we can investigate the issue?


I have done that already and send to the support bunch of logs. Last response was from Sahar on Dec 19th:

Your inquiry has been escalated to our engineering team, and they are actively investigating to identify the root cause of the issue.

So far no follow up response back.

I would add that I achieved stability by going to Settings | General and clicking on Clear History with All selected.

Yes. I lost my history. But whatever was in there was causing the crash. Been stable for 48 hours now.

Not sure if I did it before based on a response from the support but let me try it.

Unfortunately it didn’t help much - got back to the state when it will crash each 5-6 hrs. Looks like is loosing some sort of connection to the “mothership” (probably some sort of Pub/Sub process) to store/retrieve necessary data.