Issues with version 3.3.630

Since update GlassWire to the most recent version the app is crashing randomly and resetting any app version to 0.0.0 and then stops to responding. It will not notify that is “offline” until I will check what is the status and there will be link to restart GlassWire.

Also, it looks like it stops monitor the traffic after computer will go into “sleep mode” (not hibernate - simple Windows will trigger screensaver and put disk operations to low level) and user will woke up. To get it back it requires to restart whole computer as reloading the app is not solving that issue.

Any clues?


Hello Scyzor, I had that problem with the older versions too. Turn off sleep mode and any screen savers you might have running. Just turn off your monitor manually when not using. Hope that helps. :grinning:

It doesn’t make any sense as GlassWire suppose to be a background service so going into sleep mode shouldn’t affect it. It must be something with stopping processing traffic after certain time or some kind of logs overload in the remote storage.

It looks like traffic issue persist in 5 minutes view:

Windows 10 & 11 when in sleep mode or screensaver mode will pause after so long a time any apps or downloads. I’ve complained to Microsoft about it, but nothing has done about it. It has nothing to do with Glasswire. I just disable the feature and manually turn off my monitor. I got tired of having to sit and wait for a download or update to finish because Windows features are disrupting it. :grinning:

When it will crash

I will select to Connect but then it will try to connect to Local Server but after few attempts it will stop. Then Restart GlassWire will work but all app versions are zeroed to 0.0.0

I have disabled both - Screen and System and it happen again.

Try uninstalling, resetting your firewall to defaults then reboot and reinstall with clean install selected. See if that works. If not, then the tech people there can probably help. That’s only other thing I can think of to do. There shouldn’t be any reason it’s doing that. What kind of computer is it, desktop or laptop and how old is it? :grinning:

Did it - was fine over the weekend but on Monday crashed again.

GlassWire is running on a desktop (Windows 10)

PS. It must be something with GW service calling the “mothership” :slight_smile:

Hey @Scyzor-yk

Please can you send Windows logs to our team so they can investigate? The email address is


I have the same issue

this is what is in windows event viewer

Faulting application name: GlassWire.exe, version: 3.3.630.0, time stamp: 0x65548ed3
Faulting module name: Qt5Core.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5fa4dd26
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x001a2afb
Faulting process ID: 0x0x3538
Faulting application start time: 0x0x1DA2A0C0CFCCD42
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire\GlassWire.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire\Qt5Core.dll
Report ID: 730c065b-19db-409b-8fff-90dadf54667d
Faulting package full name: 
Faulting package-relative application ID: 

the second fault has the same info except the exception code is different.

Exception code: 0xc000041d

yep, GW has the same library problem on my PC. I was digging more and it may be related to the graphics card/drivers


Katie, Have you seen Alexsus Post
Might be good to also send this info to your team to help investigate the issues peeps are having.

Thank you! i have passed this onto the team to investigate :slight_smile:

Thank you for send these details. For our team to further investigate please can you send service and UI logs to

Service logs: C:\ProgramData\glasswire\service-full\log
UI logs: C:\Users[CURRENT USER}\AppData\Local\glasswire\client\log

Thank you,

I see a lot of

351.19:22:27 [HINT]      GlassWire: Main Window visibility changed: true
352.19:22:35 [HINT]      GlassWire: Main Window visibility changed: false
0.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Oswald-Regular.ttf" : ("Oswald")
1.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Oswald-Bold.ttf" : ("Oswald")
2.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Oswald-Light.ttf" : ("Oswald Light")
3.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/OpenSans-CondLight.ttf" : ("Open Sans Condensed Light")
4.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/OpenSans-CondBold.ttf" : ("Open Sans Condensed")
5.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Roboto-Light.ttf" : ("Roboto Light")
6.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf" : ("Roboto")
7.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Roboto-Medium.ttf" : ("Roboto Medium")
8.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Roboto-Bold.ttf" : ("Roboto")
9.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Flexo-Bold.otf" : ("Flexo")
10.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Flexo-Light.otf" : ("Flexo Light")
11.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Loaded font families from  ":/Fonts/Flexo-Regular.otf" : ("Flexo")
12.19:24:42 [HINT]      GlassWire: Fail find value for substitute: "topnav_bgd_s" , state: 0 , file: ":/SharedWidgets/ic-attention.svg"
13.19:24:43 [HINT]      GlassWire: QObject::disconnect: Unexpected nullptr parameter

when it starting to crash

sorry for the long wait. been under the flu. but logs have been send now.

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Necro post. I have been having similar issues. Was there any useful update available?

I would add that I checked my logs as well. The error lines are identical to what the other user posted.

Nothing so far.

Does you computer is on for most of the day or even 24hrs with moderate network traffic?

I work from home and game at night. I leave my PC on 24 hours a day.