Jolla Phone not shown at Network or Alerts Tab

Hi GlassWire community,

I have a problem that GlassWire not shown my Jolla Phone devices. We are using two of them an all two are not shown.

Other phones or computers like BlackBerry (Leap), Nokia (Lumia 520, E7-00) are shown as Nokia or BlackBerry and Apple devices are shown as Apple at the Network and Alerts tab easily. How can I fix these problem?


I am not familiar with Jolla, but I assume they are on your WiFi network? If so they should appear. If you restart GlassWire do they show up? What about if you reboot your PC?

Hi Ken,

the Jolla phones are showing at my router’s web-interface (connection overview) without any problems. Also they are connected to the same WiFi network as all my other devices.

I have tried to restart GlassWire and after that one I have restart my Windows 10. The Jolla phones are already invisible to GlassWire.