Just little recomendation what i think is missing

I love glasswire is great but i want to give one recomendation. When i block apps on phone here is lot of android system apps and i cant hide them to see my apps. And make recomendation whitch app to disable. I have disabled half android services and all is fine. why not glasswire is great to disable unwanted crap that i cant unistal. Or make clear whitch app not to block. But i notice that my phone dont show all aps in settings. Glasswire show more. Great job realy i always want to see what is doing windows or adroid secrety. And found one program on pc that make connection und start proces without my knowlege. I kill procces and 13min later proces starten send data somewhere and stop proces for nex 13min. That program is teamviewer i trust them but now not so much anymore. So glasswire is clearly doing its job keep good work. I hope you will expand and make app for control running apps and services for advanced users.

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Thanks for your great feedback on GlassWire for Android.