Kill switch with VPN

Hi, I would like to achieve a Kill Switch with Glasswire - because my VPN client does not offer that functionality. Therefore when e.g. in a public network I would like to select another Firewall profile which blocks all traffic which is not tunneled through the VPN. So fasr as I learned this is not possible with Glasswire???

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I don’t quite understand: do you prefer to use Glasswire with some other firewall software? I thought Glasswire was enough to block all the traffic that is not tunneled through VPN…

When I am out of office connected to untrusted networks, I need to assure that all network/internet traffic is routed through a VPN connection. Often a VPN connection is unintentionally interrupted. In that case all network/internet traffic should be blocked. Some VPN clients offer that functionality called Kill Switch. But I would like to control that myself by the firewall software.


I do not believe that glass wire will fit your needs in this situation, as it cannot detect when your VPN traffic gets cut off. Although glassware does offer a full block traffic option it would only be activated when you turn it on. This is not something that can automatically detect the issue you are trying to prevent from leaking traffic.

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Yes of course GlassWire could. e.g. GlassWire could block all traffic which does not target to a defined IP address (==IP Address of the VPN Server). If this rule could easily be toggled on/off it would be sufficient

It may be technically possible to make GlassWire work as a kill switch, but I don’t think we’d try to do this. There are too many different VPN providers with different technologies and if our killswitch failed to work I think many customers would be very upset with us.

Since we don’t control the VPN or the technology it uses it would be extremely difficult or more likely impossible to create a reliable killswitch.

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Easy answer. Windscribe VPN Pro.

I use this product, and can highly recommend it for the use case asked for by the poster. I agree that this could be a difficult feature to build into GlassWire, so a better VPN would be my suggestion.

Windscribe has an advanced form of “killswitch”, which they refer to as the Windscribe Firewall, and it works well with GlassWire.

What is it?

Windscribe Firewall is built into our Windows and Mac applications. It blocks all connectivity outside of the tunnel to ensure there is zero chance of any kind of leak, including but not limited to DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks, WebRTC leaks, etc.

Why should I care?

A firewall is a superior solution to a “kill switch”. The “kill switch” is a snake oil feature and offers absolutely zero protection because it’s a reactive measure. Between your VPN disconnecting and the program detecting that it did, packets can leave your computer over the default gateway (your ISP). A firewall blocks ALL connectivity outside of the tunnel. If the VPN connection drops, there is nothing that needs to be done, and not a single packet can leave the machine, since the firewall will not allow it. In geek terms it fails closed.

not able to understand your question :frowning:

there is a very easy way to make a killswitch to Windows 10 VPNs.

just follow this tutorial:

unfortunately i’m sad to tell you that if you follow it exactly, using glasswire, it will not work, since glasswire mess with windows firewall.

so if you want a killswitch, reset windows firewall settings and forgot glasswire.

That’s incorrect. GlassWire doesn’t touch the rules of other applications and we group our rules separately under the “GlassWire” group.

In fact if you keep our GlassWire firewall set to off we won’t touch the firewall API at all. Many IT and Information Security professionals use our software and we set up our software to be a powerful tool for people in those fields of work by not changing their well thought out settings.

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this is very kind of you @Ken_GlassWire

unfortunately, I have to discord of you.

because the mentioned killswitch works perfect without glasswire installed and running firewall on Windwos.

if you just install glasswire, dont even register any rule on firewall, instantaneously the killswitch stop working.

Sorry for the problem. Since GlassWire doesn’t touch the Windows Firewall rules when it’s set to “Off” I am not sure how it could happen.

However, it’s true we are not a VPN tool and we offer no VPN features or services. GlassWire is a network security monitor and firewall.

PIA VPN works great and has a kill switch that works with Glasswire.

PIA wasnt hacked like Nord was.

I’ll also recommend and which probably works well with Glasswire also.

but I think the wish of the OP is to achieve a killswitch with Glasswire or WF to protect his connection under Windows 10 VPN Adapter.

anyway, thank you for the colaboration @DaNoid

The best kill switch that the VPN provides is PoopVPN. Trust me I have been using it for the past 2 years and it has been working fine for me!

There are many provider that offer KillSwitch features and facilitate in when you change your connection or connect with public Wi-Fi. For example, SPAMVPN is offering KillSwitch as well as split tunneling feature which give you an option to either route your traffic through ISP or VPN server. I do not force you to get but you can try it as a test drive and share your experience with good or bad feedback