Know what is harmful


This is a post from a Newbie to Glasswire.
I’ve just installed Glasswire to my W10 computer and have all the data displayed as advertised.
I would say data I have, and have too many for a beginner.
I would just like to know how to spot the threats in the wealth of data.
It would be nice if those threads could be outlined in someway.
Can anyone give some advices here?

Hello @Nguyen35

We made a guide here that can help. Also we’re working on new features that make it easier to detect and understand what’s normal and what’s a threat.

Thanks for trying GlassWire! Hopefully some other users will chime in too with tips!

I find the Graph tab to provide the most directly useful info to identify possible problems. First of all, if there a large increase in download or upload, I want to know about it. By clicking on the spike/hump or whatever, I can identify what caused that increase and whether it was something I intended. (Check the info bar below the graph and pass the mouse pointer over it to see the apps in use.) Also, once the graph is stopped by clicking on it, you can drag the vertical time line across and see what apps were in use as the line crosses the graph. Drill down by clicking on any app and you can even do a virus check (with your installed virus monitor) on that individual app.

Another key information monitor is to setup the While You Were Away monitor. You can get info on what was going on while your device was asleep. If there is activity, did you intend it? What was the nature of the activity and is it normal? Has your DNS server been changed? In fact, any alert activity may show you issues or problems with your connetions or on your computer.

Finally, with Remote Monitoring, you can do all of this for any computer on which you also have Glasswire installed and Remote Monitor set up.

Thanks a lot richlife69, this is very helpful.
This is how I’ll use the app.

Glad to help. You will find many more ways to captitalize on Glasswire.