Latest version download and SHA256 Hash do not match

On 11/19/2022
From the download page the SHA 256 hash begins with: # BC5E8EBC088
Using the following Power Shell command
PS E:\downloads> Get-FileHash .\Glasswire\GlassWireSetup.exe -Algorithm SHA256
it begins with SHA 256 " # 9BBFFF4E292D

Please advise?
Thank you.

Ugh… They embed the user agent and some tracking information into the executable, probably for telemetry on the initial install:
Remove the &user_agent tag to get the clean executable:

Thank you, the link you provided resulted in the correct SHA 256 value, there was no need to remove the &user_agent tag as suggested. I did notice that the file length from this link was 1 byte shorter than the main page download.

As a sanity check, the file was re-downloaded this morning from the glasswire home page. The hash calculation didn’t match the defined hash, plus it is different than yesterday’s download where the hash started with #9BBFFF4E292D.

I already remove the &user_agent tag from the link I posted here.