Lencr.org What is?

Hello yesterday I noticed a connection to this link by the steam application and by host process for windows tasks. on google they say it’s malware but steam is a safe application. also I checked the history this connection started since June 1st.
so what is ?
screen :
remove space because im new user i cant add picture or link

i.ibb. co/pXSYsbW/f2. png
i.ibb. co/sQMpJHR/steam. png


I believe that’s “Let’s Encrypt”.

“Let’s Encrypt” is a non-profit certificate authority. It’s possible the Steam app uses their certificates.

thank you for replying and what about host process for windows tasks ?
and thats mean it safe ?


It’s not 100% clear. I believe the host process for Windows Tasks can be used by multiple apps to send data, but it’s most likely safe.

ah ok
is there a way to know which application uses host process for Windows Tasks ?


If you click the arrow directly to the left of the app name in the firewall list you can see more details that way. It will expand out the related processes.