Licence on android?


How do I use my license on android? Or do I seriously have to buy it again even though I have plenty of “devices” left on my Elite account?



Yes, sorry. We do not mention Android or mobile on our order page because Google Play doesn’t currently have an easy way for us to use our desktop activation codes. It’s probably because Google gets a percentage of Google Play sales and they don’t want to make it easy for apps to charge money outside the store.

And of course Google deserves to get paid their 30% since they support/host the store.

To help make up for this we made the Android app only cost a few dollars. Sorry, we’d like to just sell directly as you suggest and we’d make more money that way.


You could do like other apps do and give us the option to side load it from your site. Since most people who want to monitor traffic like this can probably figure out how to do that. Think this might be an option in the future?



Please give some examples of this so we can check it out. Thanks for your feedback.


I use 2 programs that do this because Samsung blocks them and then they have to re-post on google play. So instead of making people buy it over and over, you can get it from their site. The apps are BxActions and PackageDisabler.

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Thanks, we will check those out.