License activation hangs on newest version (solved)

I downloaded the latest GlassWire. I noticed that after the update it switched me to the free version. So I go ahead and input my activation key. The software is rendered useless after that, as if I just entered in some nuclear launch code. The Glasswire service goes to stop and a crash dump file is made on my desktop.

Days of yearly subscription lost: 4 days and counting from this post.
Anything beyond 30 days don’t bother to respond because I might have already did a chargeback with visa by then.


Sorry for the problem. Please email me so I can help you fix it.

I have not seen this reported before. Please try uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, then rebooting, then reinstalling our latest version using our “clean” install option.

Hi there, returned home and observed a message saying there is an upgrade from 2.0.84 to 2.0.91, downloaded it and installed the upgrade. Activation works again, must have been an some form of bug. Up and working again, very happy with the response time. Normally with other software developers that charge a yearly subscription would be down for months and lose all the time on the license.


I’m going to email you the crash report file
** Edit 2018-03-10 12:45 EST, Can’t email the DMP file because the file is 101mb uncompressed and 7zip 27mb, email server is crying that its too big. Sounds familiar elsewhere :wink:

Is there a link where we can send these dmp files to help?

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