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For some bizarre reason, Glasswire has uninstalled itself on one of my PCs. As a result, I’m looking to cancel the license for itself (even though I’ve never uninstalled it) and then reinstall it. I also want to uninstall it from a different computer and then reuse that license on another. Any ideas?


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Please can someone look into this issue for me ASAP?


GlassWire has no ability to uninstall itself and I have never seen this reported before.

You should go to add/remove programs and make sure GlassWire is really uninstalled. If it is not please uninstall it.

Now reboot, then reinstall GlassWire from our file at by pressing the “download” button there.

Your code should work as usual without having to do anything if you did not deactivate (even if GlassWire was uninstalled). If you were somehow deactivated find your order email and go to our top left menu and choose “activate” then paste in your code.

Our license system is intelligent and usually has no issues but if you do run into a license issue please email me so I can help.

If you use any “cleaning” software, please white list GlassWire so it will not be uninstalled or deleted again. You can also white list the programdata/glasswire folder to avoid your license being deleted.


Thanks for responding.

No idea how it was uninstalled. Appreciate that software doesn’t just “uninstall” itself, but it appears that way at the moment. No idea what caused it, but I jumped on the application to check something and it wasn’t there. Not an issue, reinstalled it and I’m back to running the trial version and can upgrade.

My issue, however, is that I cannot find my license code anywhere. I’ve got my emails from Glasswire stating things like “thank you for your subscription, please enter your code above to activate your license”, but then there is no code above on the email. If that could be resent to me with the code, it would be much appreciated.


I can’t post codes here @Skatman , so please email me your order info you have so I can find your code.

If you don’t hear back you can also click my name in the forum and message me privately.


Will do. Likely to be in a few hours as I’m just stepping out. Thanks for your help.

Hi Skatman, I think I know why your Glasswire uninstalled itself. If you’re using Windows 10 then go to Settings> System> Storage and look for Storage Sense and if it is turned on, turn it off! I had the same problem except it was another program it was messing with. It kept disappearing like it uninstalled itself! I hope that helps!

Bat Pup

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That is interesting. I just checked my PC and it seems this feature is turned off by default for me. Was Storage Sense turned on by default for you but your hardware manufacturer, or did you turn it on?

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Cheers for that! Mine was enabled! Absolutely mental that it has the license to just delete applications!


Mine was turned on for some odd reason. It’s supposed to be off by default. I think awhile back I was using some remote technicians to fix my computer and they may have turned it on. WARNING! Don’t use remote technicians! 70% percent of them are scammers. A lesson we’ll learned!

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