License management

Do you plan to release self-managing web account for adding and removing registered PCs to the license?

Could you give an example of software that successfully does this. We can check it out and implement something similar. I want to be sure we understand what you need.

Of course as fist implementation what cross my mind is VPN Unlimited - I posted a screenshots to get better idea.
VPN Unlimited are on device limitation and also it gives option to the customer to manage his devices to check if someone else is not using his license. Or could be quite hassle to reset license for each customer who switched, replaced, bought, upgraded or otherwise obtained new computer.

And I can see from forum threads that’s actually a thing :slight_smile:

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Yes, resetting the licenses is actually a thing and we have thought about making this license reset system automatic for users. I’ll check out VPN Unlimited as an example while as redesign this system.

google ^ implements the same system for Android. license per x device(s) you can add/remove transfer through a webpage :slight_smile:

Also requested elsewhere with the other spelling of the word licence/license:

Yes, we are thinking of a way to do this through the web that’s secure.

Like common guys! I asked for this like in 2016 we are approaching end of 2019 and it is still not ready…
and wonder what, I changed a computer like 3 times already and I can’t use my license.

For 3 years you couldn’t implement basic license management?


Are you having a license problem? I ask because when we released subscriptions around 2 years ago we switched to kind of a “smart” license management system. It solved this issue for most people.

Do you have our old style activation codes or are you a subscriber? If you’re a subscriber are you having issues with your code or what’s happening exactly?