Licensing / Mulitple usage

Hello, i used Glasswire free for some month now and I really like it!
I have a few simple - at least i hope so - questions.

  1. I would like to purchase a personal license as the company i’m working for is not willing to pay. Can I use that license on the company’s pc? I’m the only one who has access to this pc besides the admin.

  2. Can I install Glasswire Basic on the company pc and a privat pc with the same licence? I’m mostly running only one of those pc’s at a time.

  3. If i want to upgrade to the Pro edition later on do I need to buy a new license or can i simply upgrade it?

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for upgrading! To use the license on multiple PCs you should use Pro, not Basic. When moving the license between PCs go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate”.


Thank you for this advice. My previous Windows installation crashed before I could “deactivate” glasswire … now not able to activate new install on new PC. Any way I can deactivate remotely against my profile?


Please email me so I can fix it, thanks.

Thank you, emailed the GlassWire helpdesk and now all resolved