Licensing terms unclear (solved)

This is a clarification request: Licenses are either a one time purchase, or annual? 100$ is pretty steep, but I might consider it if it’s single-purchase. Less likely as a yearly charge.

If this is NOT the case, you should consider upgrading your buy page accordingly!


Thanks for considering buying GlassWire. Our order page is here:

Our licenses have been yearly for more than a year, and our order page even has a check box that is checked to confirm so when purchasing. We do not sell single purchase licenses. GlassWire is referred to as a “subscription” on all our order pages.

Also it’s $100 for our Elite software for 10 PCs. If you do not need to cover 10 PCs you can buy GlassWire Basic for $39.

What I mean to express is that you should consider adding “Billed Yearly” to the


Thanks for your feedback. Below is a screenshot of where it shows “per year” multiple places on our order page.