(Likely Solved/Explained) Mysterious 6.1MB Downloads from "d3orhvfyxudxxq.cloudfront.net" by "backgroundtaskhost.exe"

Across multiple Windows installations I noticed the Background Task Host occasionally downloading exactly 6.1MB from “d3orhvfyxudxxq.cloudfront.net


I enabled the Task Scheduler history, but was unable to match any task to this behavior. Searching for hostname turns up stuff related to the Bethesda launcher, which I don’t have installed.

I was about to post here asking if anyone had any ideas when, just now, I had an idea and think I figured it out: While I haven’t been able to fully match the two, the Dolby Access program connects to exactly that hostname!

And there is some type of deeper integration with Windows as it provides virtual surround sound, which would explain it using the Windows process.

It’s still weird that it keeps downloading 6.1MB, I suspect it has a bug which causes it to not cache certain things.

I hope this may be useful to someone else looking this up, if anyone knows more about this (maybe it’s not related to Dolby Access after all?) please let me know!

It’s part of Cortana, so maybe it needs access to the mic or speakers? Here is a detailed page on what that .exe does.

Follow the steps listed here for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Debloat, including Cortana


This works to De-bloat windows as well.

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I think I was right: On my Windows install where I didn’t have Dolby Access installed I didn’t see this behavior for months, then yesterday I install Dolby Access to watch something on Netflix and boom, three 6.1MB downloads since then, the GlassWire graph clearly shows that this is the first time this has happened since it started recording.

I also already had Cortana, etc. disabled on my other system via the O&O Shutup10++ utility.

Don’t know exactly why it happens, but I think this should clear up what the culprit is.

Edit: I guess it could technically also be caused by Netflix, but the Dolby Access application already connects to that hostname.