List of Operating Systems Supported

Can I use this product on a Windows 2-019 Server that is in a Windows Domain?
Mac OS Support?
Is there a list somewhere of Current Operating Systems supported by Glasswire?

Thank You for your Help

We support Windows 7, 8, and 10 x86 and x64 and

  •      Windows server 2008 R2;
  •      Windows Home Server 2011;
  •      Windows Server 2012;
  •      Windows Server 2012 R2.

Any ETA on 2019 Server? Could really use this tool on our Domain after the Solar Winds Escapade.


2019 server is supported, sorry for any confusion. I was listing the oldest versions that are supported but I should have written from X server to present.

Oh PHEW, I just bought a 10 pack of the ELITE Product and had grand plans to use on our work network and was very bummed out :weary: . Thanks for the Update, will give it a test tomorrow :+1: :+1:!

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