Local alerts should be notified even when monitoring a remote server

When I am viewing a remote server I do not receive any notifications for the Local computer. The icons show alerts for the currently viewed computer and I don’t get any desktop notifications until I change to view the Local computer in GlassWire.

I think that local notifications should appear as soon as I am working on my Local computer. They shouldn’t wait until I am viewing the Local computer in the GlassWire window. Or there should be a setting allowing me to choose how Local alerts are notified.

For example, I was viewing a remote server most of the day. I had a Bandwidth overage monitor set. The alert that I had reached that bandwidth occurred at 17:45 but I didn’t get any notification until 20:49 because I was viewing the remote server all that time.

If I had to pay for excess usage above my broadband limit and I had forgotten that I was monitoring a remote server then it could be days before I discovered my error and it could cost me a significant amount for my excess bandwidth usage.

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