Logging into glasswire creates a new free endpoint

I started the trial version of Glasswire just a few days ago, the portal shows I have 5 days left however I’m not able to sign into the app and access this time. The steps i’m taking with this are:

Open the desktop app > select login > sign into the web page it redirects to.

Once signed in the top left side of the app shows it only as the free version and when I check the website again, and look at the Endpoints, I see two one free and one premium. I’ve deleted the free endpoint and attempted signing in again, but it just wont let me back in to finish my trial.

I’m not sure if i’m just missing something with this or if it might have been some of the issues with the windows update I had, all the actual hardware is the same but I did have to remove/change my network drivers.

I fixed it, going to just leave this here in case anyone else is dumb like me lol.

The fix was just deleting the old premium endpoint and upgrading the new one showing up.