Login defaults to us-east-2 when I need eu-north-1 from the Windows App

Even after I uninstall glass wire and edit the registry, the windows app defaults to us-east-2 no matter what I do, My plan is on eu-north-1. It seems the us-east-2 is a login without my payment plan. I have tried to fix this for hours with no luck.

In the browser I can login in on eu-north-1 (the profile with my plan) and us-east. Both are tied to the same email. Is there anyway I can just get a code or can the us-east-2 profile be deleted on your end?



Hi Wayne,

From your message it sounds like you have created 2 accounts, one in each cell. I can delete the redundant account after which you will be directly to the correct portal.

Please email me (help@glasswire.com) with your account details so I can proceed with the deletion of the redundant account.