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I gave it another shot with 1.0.44. The good news is that the “visualizing network” function that used to take several hours, is now completed in minutes or less. Bad news is that I still cannot get any traffic to show up. I get some alerts, like DNS changes, etc., but no traffic, no app info…

In the past, I was simply told that Glasswire doesn’t know why I am having this problem. I have done complete uninstalls including registry search for remnants, rebooting, install with AV disabled, you name it.

What I am surprised about is that I was just dismissed. Not a single question to try to figure this out or rule out possible causes. I would think there would be a debug mode or at least a log file that could indicate where the problem is.

How about it? Logging, debugging? Something?

I’ll ask the dev team again and see if there is something that will help us find this problem. Can you try going to add/remove programs and completely uninstalling, then rebooting, then installing again? Sometimes that helps.

Thanks for following up.

I have removed and reinstalled multiple times including prior to installing this latest version.

I do registry search to remove any references to the program I can find. Still, when reinstalling, it remembers where I had placed the start menu links and seems to save my chosen skin. So uninstall, even with Revo then running CCleaner, then manually searching registry doesn’t get all the traces. Whether those traces make any difference, I don’t know.

Please also try going to C:\ProgramData and deleting the GlassWire folder after another uninstall, then reboot, then reinstall and let me know if that helps.

I didn’t mention it, but that is also something I’m doing. I checked all the usual suspects: program data, both 32/64bit program folders, and anything glasswire under the appdata folder.

I notice there is a subfolder, “logs”, under the glasswire folder in program data, but it is empty.

In settings, is the server port relevant or is that just for remote access?

It’s just for remote access. I’ll see if the dev team has some ideas.

So, twelve days later … I guess they don’t have any ideas, no way to log or debug?

We did a soft launch of a new major paid GlassWire update last week that we haven’t announced yet. Please do a clean install of that update and let me know your results.

Thanks, Jon

Thanks for the reply.

I uninstalled, ran CCleaner. Removed any folders/files in appdata, programdata, program files (x86) and program files, reboot. Registry search for “glasswire” gwdrv" and “gwctl” to delete, reboot. Unloaded antivirus and Malwarebytes, installed Glasswire as admin, reboot. On startup, GW took 55 minutes to visualize network. Still no traffic data. I get some readings from “system” I think when there are DNS changes or something. But no traffic on internet access. Ran speedtest with no readings in GW.

No logs in glasswire’s programdata folder. Nothing I can find in Event Viewer.

I’ll ask again and see if there is something else we can suggest. Sorry about the problem.

Please try the following:

  1. Stop the GlassWire service;
  2. Create file log.conf (or open existing one) at the C:\programdata\glasswire\service\
  3. Clear the contents of the C:\programdata\glasswire\service\log\ folder
  4. Add following to the log.conf:log_path=C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service\loglog_level_file=42949672955.
  5. Save the changes of the log.conf;
  6. Remove the database C:\programdata\glasswire\service\glasswire.db
  7. Start the GlassWire service and run the application;
  8. Wait several minutes;
  9. Send us the log file, which will be created at the C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service\log Also please confirm your Windows version and platform. Use our “Bugs” email on our contact page.


Thank you! I new there had to be a way to generate a log.

I’ve sent the requested file to the bugs address. Hope to hear something revealing.

We got the logs, thank you for spending the time to help us find this problem.