Looking for the device or system that is using a lot of data

I am on an Satellite Internet (no choice where I live). I am having the usual problem, Unexplained Data Loss. I have searched this topic every which way and either I am not understanding the answers, or it isn’t answering my specific question, OR-- I just have not had enough coffee, anyway— here goes.

If I install Glasswire- Free, will I be able to see what device is using data? These are the devices I am looking for it to show me the data usage on each individual item.
HP Laptop
2- iphones
2 -ipads
HP printer (That is connected to internet)

If the answer is “NO”, If I purchase Glasswire, am I able to monitor the above devices?
If the answer is YES, then which Glasswire do I need to purchase…?

Thank You so much! I am looking for what is using 42GB of data over an accumulated 20 hour time period.

TPLO (you only have two knees)

Hello @TPLO-Lab,

A lot of our users use Hughesnet, Exede, or DishNet (Dish network) for satellite access, and they use GlassWire to track their network activity. I have experience with using satellite Internet myself and I feel your pain. We’re working on adding new data alarm features for GlassWire just for users such as yourself.

GlassWire can currently only see data on the device it’s installed on and GlassWire can only currently be installed on Windows PCs. Therefore if you install GlassWire on your Windows PCs you can see what data they are using in detail and see if they are the culprits. Then if you find your PCs aren’t causing the problem you can narrow the major data usage down to your other devices.

If you buy GlassWire then it can show you a list of all the devices that join your network and alert you if a new unknown device joins that might be wasting your data.

GlassWire can also remotely monitor other PCs and it looks something like this https://www.glasswire.com/buy/#Multiple_server_monitoring, so you can watch all your PCs from one PC. Our free version can monitor one remote PC.

Some satellite services also allow big data transfers at night, but not much during the day. If you find your PCs are using all the data you can set your PCs to “block all” mode (under the GlassWire Firewall tab) when you aren’t using them, then unblock them during the night for Windows Updates, etc…

You can download GlassWire here https://www.glasswire.com/download/ to try it for free.

I hope this helps, and by the way… we are working on GlassWire for Android.