Looking for the download link for the Lite version 2.3.449

Hi, I’m looking for the download link for the Lite version 2.3.449. It’s not on the https://www.glasswire.com/changes/ page, only the normal v2 download link is posted. v3 is not for me for privacy concerns when running on windows servers.

Bump still looking for the last Lite version 2. It’s not on the GlassWire Software Version Changes List page.

Hi raykai,

I can help you out, here is a link for what you are looking for…Glasswire Lite V2

Download GlassWire Lite

Thanks, could you add it to the changes list page also? Incase some one needs it or if I need it in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi raykai
Can’t add to the changes list. I am just another Glasswire user like yourself.
I Just knew where the download link was.

thanks and i finally got it for my digitalsuccesshq connections