Looking to switch to GlassWire from ESET


I am coming from ESET Internet Security. Thanks for it not supporting wildcards or any other method for excluding executables like program updates used once but placed to unique directories or using unique filenames (like Dropbox & Opera); it becomes sluggish after a few hundred rules was added to it. Sometimes, I have to wait for a minute or even more for a pop-up when a new program tries to access the internet.

After browsing this forum a bit, I see that GlassWire is plagued with the same issue of not allowing excluding executables based on wildcard paths or trusting a publisher, so my question is:

Will GlassWire suffer a performance penalty after adding a lot of rules?

This is something that a few days of trial period won’t show me. I appreciate any input on this from users that used GlassWire for months/years.

With the API we use GlassWire doesn’t usually become sluggish with more rules. If you experience that please let me know so we can work to improve.

However, we do get a lot of feedback on allow/deny by publisher, so we continue to work to add that functionality in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

doesn’t usually become sluggish with more rules

Usually? Am I not an average user and the programs I use, plus Microsoft’s own software is hogging the ruleset only for me? Will I have a problem?

Here is a small example of programs I use and their update procedure seems to not take into account how ESET and GlassWire works:

  • Skype
  • Element
  • YourPhone
  • LG hub
  • Opera
  • EdgeWebView
  • WeMod
  • GeForce drivers
  • Dropbox
  • Discord

and various game launchers.

Since my last fresh Windows installation its been 3 months and already accumulated over 800 rules. I can’t be the only one…

It’s hard to know for sure. The main issue I would see would be your hardware. If it’s an overloaded machine then anything can be slow, but if it’s a powerful PC I doubt you will have issues.

I think if you have some pretty modern hardware you’ll have no issues but maybe some others can chime in.