Looks like GlassWire doesn't track Teamviewer intranet activity?

Hi, New user here. I like what I see so far, but in looking at the activity and apps, it seems that it somehow it does not detect Teamviewer activity, at least the intranet (which is what I mainly use).

I use teamviewer to view other PCs on my local network, connecting via the local ip address. So, there is no internet activity for this. To test, I viewed a running local video on another machine via Teamviewer, which should take a decent amount of data to view the video stream. Well glasswire doesn’t show ANY spike in network (including local network) activity when I view the video. Maybe I am missing something, but it looks to me like the teamviewer intranet activity doesn’t get picked up by glasswire.

If I look by app on Glasswire, it shows about 10k of activity for the entire session (half an hour) I am viewing via teamviewer, without a spike.

I don’t see a spike in any app or connection while viewing the video via teamviewer.

Any comments or hints at why this may be the case?


If you reboot does it make any difference? Please try and let me know your results.

If you go to Graph/Apps it doesn’t appear at all? Does it appear under the “Firewall” tab?

The Teamviewer app does show up but has minimal activity, as I said, 10kb of activity, which barely increases while viewing a video remotely with Teamviewer off my other networked PC. I will try rebooting, but note that all my other apps seem to show reasonable/expected activity and data levels.

I’ll just throw this out. Are there some types of internet connections, UDP, for example, that Glasswire doesn’t track? I don’t even know what Teamviewer uses. Just brainstorming.

No, we track all types of Internet connections. Here is a blog post that explains one of many techniques we use to make sure GlassWire’s data stats are accurate https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/06/15/glasswire-network-monitoring-accuracy/.

Go to “Usage” then where it says “Options” in GlassWire opposite to where it says “All Usage” on the left side of the Usage user interface click the “Options” down arrow and choose different traffic types like “local” instead of “external”.

In some cases it’s difficult for GlassWire to track local vs external traffic with some networks that use IPV6 so could that be what’s happening for you? In those cases though we’d show more “external” traffic from Teamviewer, not less.

We once had another user with a Teamviewer problem with Firewall unblocking, but we found it was because he had a very unusual path for his Teamviewer file where it was on a separate hard drive. Is your Teamviewer file located in an unusual area or do you have several Teamviewer .exe files that you use simultaneously?

Thanks for your responses. I think my installation is pretty typical.

Looking at the data again, the usage now for TeamViewer jumped up to 5MB. Wondering if there is just a delay in refreshing the data results on that tab.

I have been looking now at the Firewall tab, and that one shows the kind of real time activity spike in the connection that I was looking to see for Teamviewer! Before I was looking at the “Usage” tab, which seems to get updated only periodically, which led me to thinking it wasn’t being tracked.

So, I think things are fine.


Yes, the “Usage” tab doesn’t always update as quickly as the graph tab so we use less memory on your PC. You can click back and forth between the tabs and the “Usage” tab should then refresh for you.