Lost a 4 hour game to an update notification

Hi, I just lost a 4 hour online game because glasswire decided it was of the utmost importance to notify me IMMEDIATELY of the update, and so minimized the game to show it.

I found no option to disable update notifications.

Updates became a disease that dulls the modern programmers mind into thinking of nothing else.
It’s like zombies, but instead of brains they need updates all the time.


This has been solved since Version 2.0.91 - (February 13, 2018). “Software update notifications will now no longer appear when GlassWire’s Snooze mode is on. This was requested by gamers who didn’t want to see our update notification while gaming, or streaming live.”

Go to our top left menu and choose “Snooze”.

wouldn’t it be better for Glasswire to detect fullscreen app and just have a switch for do not disturb on fullscreen app?

This is a complex issue and the solution is not likely to be so simple. I can think of some scenarios that would cause difficulties:

  • Game is not running fullscreen
  • Game is running fullscreen but user is using the Alt+? Windows commands (e.g. Alt-Tab) at the time. The current application will be detected as Explorer.
  • Game is running fullscreen on a second monitor.
  • Tablet mode is on
  • Aero snap is on

FYI, Windows 10 has Focus Assist for this purpose.

@Remah is correct. We are not sure how to detect this exactly, but if you guys know of some apps that can detect game playing, full screen movies, etc… we’ll check them out!

Meanwhile you can use “Snooze” mode.

There is a simple solution: Do not use popup windows to report updates.
And in your case, it isn’t even an update, you have to reinstall to get the new version.
Just inform of the update by status bar in the software or something.
Stop the update madness.


Lately we have only sent out update alerts quarterly, so four times a year. I’m not sure I’d call that “madness”.

Some updates can have security fixes so we worry about hiding the update messages.

We agree with you that having to install GlassWire again for updates isn’t perfect. We hope to have auto-updates in the future but we want to be sure it’s implemented well.

I’m certain that @Guilherme_Tomazini would like to receive regular updates so he’s not criticizing the frequency of GlassWire updates. Instead, he is again criticizing the intrusiveness of the update message and the disruption it occurs because it moves focus from the current application when it should not.

I don’t want to receive any notification which moves focus from the current application window.
Therefore I would to only like to receive a popup when the focus is on the GlassWire window and no other.

I never reported it here, but twice I lost work in an old application that can only run full screen for graphics compatibility and will not work correctly if focus is moved to any other window. At the time only GlassWire and Windows update would move focus. The problem was that when focus was returned to the old application’s window there was only a black/blank screen and I had to start again.

Thanks for your feedback. We plan to add the ability for auto-updates in the future.

Also, we really hate focus stealing apps too! GlassWire should never steal focus from other apps and we have made sure this does not happen, but I guess this issue can happen with full screen applications.

We’ll test some more on our side and make sure there are no focus issues, and see if there is a way to make any update notifications avoid full-screen focus issues.

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