Lost Profiles after updates...can they be backed up?

I stopped using glasswire the last 2 months, but kept using my computer. During that time, I am pretty sure Glasswire got an update. Now I’ve come back to Glasswire and my three firewall profiles are all gone.

I can recreate them from my notes, but this is still bothersome. Is there some way I could have exported my profiles to back them up before?


Sorry for the issue, that sounds frustrating!

We haven’t had anyone report that our profiles are deleted between updates. Did you accidentally click “clean install” or “reset firewall” on the installer? if so, that could have deleted your profiles.

Do you use any other firewall software simultaneously with ours?

It could totally have been my mistake; I don’t mean to say this is a “bug” but to show that there is a case for wanting a backup of my profiles, just in general.

A nice export/import feature would be lovely, but if you could just share the path to where the profiles are stored so I can manually copy them, that’s totally fine. I understand you want to keep the app clean and lightweight, and my application for GW is probably not your main focus (I use it to manually throttle my bandwidth over a mobile connection).


Thanks for your feedback.

Here is how to backup GlassWire’s data GlassWire user guide and manual.

Meanwhile we should add a way to do this with our user interface that’s quite easy, or maybe even consider working with the user’s cloud provider like Google Drive or Dropbox, etc…

Thanks Ken, those instructions are clear – I assume that I don’t actually need to uninstall GW, just make a copy of the specified directory and I’m good to go. I had searched for instructions before posting but was preoccupied with “export” and “profile” – didn’t think to search for “backup” which I’m sure would have found that user guide! Thanks for taking the time to respond directly. I’m real stingy with my software subscriptions but the quality of this forum played a major part in my decision to purchase GW.

I’m sure the last thing you need is more items on your feature to-do list, so: One very simple solution would be to add some text into the Settings panel that says “Glasswire settings are stored in C:\ProgramData\GlassWire”. Those users who are so inclined can do what they want with that info. I definitely would have found that when I was poking through the Settings looking for an Export/Backup feature.

Great idea, I’ll report this to our team. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for your understanding.