Lot of problem with Firewall on GlassWire 2.0

Hello, I’m having some trouble with new firewall.

  1. often choice for firewall type is grayed out: no way to switch between “click to block” / “Ask to connect” / “Block all”. When this appens also ON button is grayed

  2. when I block a program (it appears with a flame) and then I unblock it (flame disappears) program doesn’t go on net. It remains blocked.

  3. som programs (FileZilla and Putty for example) cannot connect to LAN device also if they are NOT firewalled

EDIT: I’m using a licensed version


Sorry for the problem. This is a bug with GlassWire and will be fixed tomorrow, or Monday at the latest.

To solve the problem with your PC temporarily you can uninstall GlassWire, then go to the Windows Firewall Control panel and choose “reset defaults”, then reboot again.

Check this page to be on the lookout for the update tomorrow: https://www.glasswire.com/changes/

I can live with this bug for a couple of days. Thanks. I hope update will exit tomorrow :wink:

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The update is now live. https://www.glasswire.com/download/

Yes, I’m running 2.0.80.
Once installed all previously blocked program return without flame icon.

As a further question: how can I clean “Inactive Apps” area without deleting items one by one?