Lots of Suspicious Host connections from google chrome

About two days ago I started getting notified my glass wire that google chrome had a “SUSPICIOUS HOST CONNECTION” and the come in like almost every 5 minutes and I researched it and this is my last hope I don’t know if it’s bad or good but if anyone can help me that would be great


We fixed this. When your suspicious host list updates in awhile this issue will go away.

Meanwhile you can go to GlassWire settings/security then disable suspicious hosts.

This solution does not work for the FREE version of Glasswire. I had to “snooze” notifications for 24 hours. I suppose I’ll have to keep snoozing every 24 hours until the suspicious host list updates on my computer.


This solution absolutely does work for the free version of GlassWire. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding?

Go to the top left GlassWire menu, then choose settings/security and disable the “suspicious hosts” feature. Click the lock icon to enter your admin password. This lock is not a lock that keeps free vs paid from changing settings, but it’s a lock for your admin account so random people cannot change your security settings.

Also, the suspicious host list will automatically update soon anyway so if you just wait it out it should go away. I apologize for the issue and sorry for any misunderstandings.

I apologize. The lock icon made me think it was a locked feature in the free version. However, I did click the lock icon and was able to access the settings.

Thank you for your quick response and clarification.

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I have been seeing the same issues, majority of the connections are ad related sites, some involved in malvertising campaigns.

Issue I have is that the connections are all showing for IP, but I can confirm these connections were attempted, many over UDP.

On a side note, adding the capability to export alert data would be awesome! I am on the elite plan, so if this is a feature planned for future release, assuming that I would get that automatically?


The issue should disappear soon once your hosts update. Sorry for the problem.

Thanks for your feedback on the exporting.

Still waiting for this to get updated.

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