MAC addr issues with AppleTV

Greetings all - new to this forum.

After upgrade to 2.2.41 getting lot’s of alerts on MAC addr changes from AppleTV device. It’s model 3. Over and over again about once per minute back and forth from one address to another. Alerting same switch back and forth.

Anyone seen this or have an idea with why. I traced IP back to an AppleTV3 device.

Very annoying, can’t believe anyone could hack an AppleTV. Heck I can’t even get into one. I’m considerring this a false positive for now. Hadn’t been a problem with same set up from last up date.

Let me know if you have an opinion. Also, does anyone know how to ropll back a Glasswire upgrade.

Thanks in Advance,



Could you please email me a screenshot of what the alert shows exactly? We can then investigate and fix the issue.


I got your email and replied to it. Thank you.

I wonder if the AppleTV is changing its MAC address? Given that the problem started with an OS update then it seems likely. It would be worth checking the device properties to see if it is actually changing MAC address. If it is then there might be a system setting to stop this happening.

FYI, Apple is increasing user privacy by preventing tracking of devices across different networks. A randomized MAC address will be used for each network. It can be turned off by users but the default will be turned on.

We found the device was joining two different WiFi networks somehow, but we’re still investigating. I also thought it could be the privacy feature you mentioned.

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