Making the download better

I have a suggestion for the download page. why not give the glasswire version number in the file name? makes organzing that stuff a lot easier.

also it may be helpful to tell users what algorithm was used for the hash.

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We don’t because every time we make an update, sites that link to our file will have a broken link.

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I presume that @My1 wants to keep different versions of the GlassWire installer and it saves time if the version number doesn’t have to be added manually.

You could do what many sites do and have the other sites link to a web page that automates the download process rather than having them link to the download itself, e.g. as Piriform do for CCleaner

You could also consider a self-extracting zip or other archive format that extracts the installer with the correct version number as part of the name.

but couldnt you for example make a PHP file which can automatically grab the newest version and you could use a get parameter to get the version you want and with htaccess and content-disposition there’s nothing stopping this. funfact I use that myself to auto-apply names to the images generated by my PHP coded SCG->PNG converter interface.

@Remah please no archive around it. the setup is already an archive technically and multilayer archives are just annoying.

You actually can keep the URL exactly the same and unchanging ( but send Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="GlassWireSetup-1.2.88.exe" HTTP header. IIRC, all modern browsers will use the filename that the header suggests.

Alternatively, /GlassWireSetup.exe could return 302 redirection to the actual latest version - some sites do it this way. That may be less error-prone, though, as some editors may accidentally encounter and use the final (post-redirection) URL.