Managed users have full access to management console?

Hi. I am the IT admin of a small/medium size company. Up until today, for the users who require Glasswire, I have been purchasing a 1 year 10 user licence key from you and distributing it to the users to activate. This has proven to be a bit of a pain as I have to keep track of how many times I have given the key out, and to whom, and occasionally PCs are reformatted without deactivating the licence so I’ve basically lost licences.

Anyway, our yearly 10 user licence was due for auto-renewal tomorrow, so I figured I would cancel it and try managing things centrally through the new management console. I managed to cancel the auto-renew and created a new online account using my email address. I then purchased 10 premium licences. I was under the impression that I would be able to create users or send out invites (like nearly all management consoles do) however unless I am missing something the Glasswire model does not operate like this? It looks like to activate my users Glasswire, I have to give them MY email address and password to login with, and then they show up in the endpoint list of the console. This also means they can access the console, other users, billing info, etc. Am I doing something wrong or missing something or is this how it works?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi @Tasman,

Thanks for your message. This is correct, the work around is to share temporary credentials with users or vlog in via remote access. Once the endpoint is authorised with those credential, you are able to reset the password. All endpoints will remain logged in, but endpoint users will not be able to access the Management Console.

We are still working on our GlassWire for Business solution, which will solve exactly this. From a special webconsole you will be able to create installers for each user; the end users will not have to insert any credentials and they will not have access to the management console, while system administrators will have visibility of all endpoint installed.

This is still a few months aways from completion, until then the get around solution is what I suggest.


Hi Katie,

Thanks for your reply. Not ideal but glad to know the new solution is on the way.

In the mean time, would it be possible to change the email address associated with the account? If I am sharing it around the company I’d rather have it connected to an alias/group email address (ie. glasswire@mycompanyname) rather than my own email address (first.last@mycompanyname)

Hi Tasman,

Thanks for understanding, and as soon as the business solution is available I will let you know!

We aren’t able to change the email for an account was it has been created but we can help with deleting the current account allowing you to set up a new account. Please can you email with the details of your account so that we can assist with this.

Thank you,

Hi Katie,

I’ve run into another issue, the devices old licence has now expired so I de-activated them and tried signing in with the new account/licence. I get the following error message:


I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling but I still have the same issue. Any idea how I can rectify this?