Many entries of the same process at Usage and Graph Tabs

As shown below, I’ve got a couple of processess that are duplicate, some of them legit, by it being different versions of the same program (like Google Chrome) most not, like Steam, uTorrent, Skype, TeamSpeak, Microsoft Edge Content Process, those have exactly the same path and version.
What is happening? I just updated GlassWire, I’m using version 1.2.57b
Thanks in advance.

Strange, let me discuss with our dev team. Do you use an external hard drive or do anything unusual with your file paths?

I do have a couple of hard drives but they are not external, all the programs I pointed are installed on the primary drive, C partition.
I don’t believe it’s path related because the path is exactly the same
I noticed the time taken in account is different between them, this patterns seems to happen to all the duplicated entries