Maybe 2 improvements or maybe these options already exist and I just missed them?


I’m a new user of GlassWire.

I really like the program so far, I like the detailed security display best.

I might have 2 ideas for the program.

When I install new software on my PC, it usually requires internet access.

Sometimes the installations break off because you don’t have internet access right away or I click on release too late.

Would it be possible, therefore, that one could click on the installtion file of the program to be installed in order to grant or deny permission to the program to be installed in advance to access the Internet?

Since I often install programs and also uninstall some again, it would be nice if there were a possibility in GlassWire - Security - Firewall to display the rules for programs that are no longer available on the PC and then delete them immediately if necessary can. I think this would increase clarity.

Thanks in advance.


It is a common problem, I’m not sure there is a perfect solution. Often the main installer will launch a secondary installer from a temporary directory. So it still fails without being granted permission. The trouble is, the temporary folder changes each time the main installer is launched so GlassWire thinks it is a new program and blocks it again.

The only solution currently is to change the firewall operating mode whilst installing, which is not ideal.

Thank you for the hint, that’s how it works. :slight_smile:

But I don’t think that’s ideal, maybe you could somehow do it differently in the program?

Maybe I could, but I don’t work for GlassWire, I’m just a user with the same problem. :grinning:

@MM73 thks for the suggestions. One question, would an “allow by publisher” rule on the firewall (if we developed it) solve your problem?

@domenico: Thank you for the feedback.

I think so, but then you would have to include a “Disallow by publisher” rule in the program.

thks. We are considering a bunch of Firewall enhancements and I can confirm that adding a tab view on the Security page “by Publisher” (in addition to the current “by Application”), and corresponding firewall rules, is one of them. It’s probably H2 '23 business as we are quite packed for the next few releases but definitely something we can look at addressing in the not too distant future.

Thanks, very good. I am looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

That is good news, I think it would help. One of the most awkward for this is the Adobe CC Desktop updater. It is currently impossible to update without first disabling the firewall. This takes a long time and obviously compromises security for a period.

I guess this might then also allow other Adobe apps like the Adobe Crash Reporter Service which I normally block. So ideally a specific blocked app should override an allow publisher rule.