Memory usage 1.1.15b

Hello! I’m fairly new glasswire user and i have been wondering is glasswires memory usage on my system normal.
I have very few programs open that are using network and still it seems quite high. Atm 750mb when i have chrome open with 9 tabs and nothing else apart from google updater running in the background. If i leave only one tab open it drops to 680mb or so. Is this normal ?

Edit: Running Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Please try upgrading to our latest version we just released today and let me know if that helps.

Ok i will try that :slight_smile:

Uninstalled previous version and installed new one and still it hovers around 600-700mb and i forgot to mention that sometimes when i tab from firewall to graph or so it jumps to 1400mb and stops responding for a 10 or so seconds.

Edit: Btw is there any way to perform completely clean install ? I noticed that glasswire kept my settings even when i uninstalled it first before installing new one .

If you’re not using your history a lot could you try clearing some of it and see if it helps by going to the settings?

Oh i didn’t even notice that “setting” thanks! It dropped down to 80-100mb. Which is still a bit more than i think it should use with only minimum network usage going on, but much much better.!

Edit and it doesn’t freeze on startup or changing tabs anymore :slight_smile:

We’re currently rewriting parts of GlassWire to bring down the memory usage significantly but it’s not easy. We hope to have it done in around 30 days but I think I said that once before. :smile:

I have an 1250 MB memory usage by GlassWire. I think it’s not normal at
all. It starts after the last update to 1.1.21b. I use Windows 7 Maximum
64 bit. Here is screenshot -

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