Method of blocking IPV6 connections on Android

Sorry, first post so I am a bit of a novice at this, two years ago both my phone and laptop were hacked and having started again with both I began using paid subscriptions of Glasswire on both items and a decent paid AV. I block all IPV6 connections to my laptop by only allowing IPV4 connections but obviously do not have that option on my phone. So I was wondering if there is a way within glasswire to block IPV6 connections. Even though I have disabled IPV6 connections (supposedly) on my BT Hub 6 router, when I connect to WIFI at home I get multiple IPV6 connections which does not seem correct. I took snapshots



Why would you want to block IPV6 connections?

As with many things on Android you can do this with the OS with many phone types without having to use a third party app at all.

I found on my own phone this option was greyed out but maybe it will work on your phone.

How to use IPV4 only on Android phones?

You should go to: Settings - Network & Internet - Mobile Network - Advanced - Access Point Names - Tap on the Access Point you are using - APN Protocol - IPv4 - Don’t forget to press save!

Did it work? What type of phone and OS do you use? Looks like a Motorola?

And of course, always use GlassWire for Android to keep track of what apps are using your data and when.

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Yes Ken that is exactly my point, my phone is set to IPV4 (see my attachment) as shown however when I connect to WIFI I get the IPV6 connections. Having previously been a spam relay I do not wish to be the same, so I do not want IPV6 connection however it seems there is no way to block them.


Weird! Do you have two APN networks listed? Maybe you forgot to select this setting for one of them? Could it be old info from before you changed the settings? Are you sure you pressed “save” when you changed it over?

Also you say you feel this setting protects you from becoming a spam relay. That is interesting. I have never heard of that before in fact I thought IPv6 was safer from spoofing than IPv4 because it includes encryption and authentication of some type. If you have more info about that I’d be interesting to read it to learn more.

No, unfortunately GlassWire can’t do this for you because your phone is supposed to do it. Thanks for your feedback on future feature ideas and further security protections.

Please also note we’re about to release an Android update. It allows you to create “profiles” so you can lock down your phone even further than our previous app.


Wow Ken, what a good shout! my mobile service provider, had sent me the settings twice last May for my new phone and of course only one was being utilised at once by the phone, it never struck me that someone could somehow be utilising the unticked one which appears to be exactly what was happening. Not only that, the four IPV6 entries are now gone also the port forwarding information in my BT Hub 6 that I never set up and certainly not with the name Garfield has now disappeared. I only suspected it was spam simply because the upload and download data figures were almost identical in the 900Gb region and my phone is not utilised to such an extent as that by myself. !
Unfortunately my success was short lived as within a couple of minutes all the entries were back again as before! I will have to explore further but thanks for your help.



That sounds scary. You may want to do a completely clean reinstall of your phone OS. Maybe it was an app that was installed.