Microsoft Edge moving to Chromium?

Do you think Edge moving to open source Chromium code will help with Windows security?

Yes and No. On balance it is Yes.

  • Yes, Edge will benefit from all the security testing going into Chromium and its derivatives. It will avoid the problem of lack of resources to develop a competitor for Chrome.

  • No, Edge will attract more attention because it is no longer a niche product; It will use more plugins/addons.

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Perhaps this is only my issue, but one thing that drives me nuts about Edge is that every time I open it, it will NEVER remember where I last placed it on my screen.

We have similar posts about this for GlassWire so I am very sensitive about this issue…

But, I have noticed this with multiple PCs and I can’t believe Microsoft Edge still refuses to remember where I left it on my screen!!! :rage:

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Hi Ken
I would not bother using MS Edge.Save yourself that problem, not to mention what data ETC, is sent back to MS. With there telemetry monitoring of that app, and other parts of the OS. I prefer standalone browsers.

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I have never understood the point that how open source softwares are more secure?

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