Missing network connection in GlassWire


I have GlassWire Pro and I can’t see connections which I made through PowerShell (telnet somewhere, curl somewhere etc.).

Can I enable to process all packets? Or where is problem, that GlassWire can’t see all my connecitons.


Ping from Powershell is visible, but I can’t see:

  • PowerShell - telnet somewhere
  • WSL2 - whatever I do in WSL2 virtual (ie. ping)

Hi @Martin_Dolecek ,

Please make sure that GlassWire is running with administrative privileges and that the firewall is enabled. If that doesn’t work, please check the execution policy set for PowerShell by running the command “Get-ExecutionPolicy” in a PowerShell window. If the policy is set to “Restricted,” you may need to change it to “RemoteSigned” or “Unrestricted” to allow the execution of scripts. If none of those options work, then try temporarily disabling firewall or antivirus software as it can help determine that your firewall or antivirus software is not blocking GlassWire or interfering with its network monitoring capabilities.


Hi @Katie_GlassWire,

I had:

  • GlassWire is running under my user with administrator privileges
  • Get-ExecutionPolicy=Unrestricted
  • Firewall=enabled
  • Antivirus=enabled

I tried disable FW and AV and result is:

  • I can see telnet somewhere from powershell
  • But I still can’t see any trafic from WSL2 virtual (Debian11 virtual)

For detail, I have SentinelOne AV.

Does " WSL2 virtual (Debian11 virtual) have its own IP assignment? If so, GlassWire most likely won’t be looking for it. I don’t know if GlassWire just looks at the IP traffic coming from the host PC or if it is truly looking at the hardware level of the TCP/IP interchange.

Try issuing an ifconfig or ip-link to see if the virtual Debian install is using its own IP. If it is, look for that IP in the GlassWire GUI.

Just an off the cuff possible explanation. YMMV.