Missing Year Tab in the usage Window - GlassWire Pro

Hi All,

I am using GlassWire Pro but i can’t seem to figure out how to view yearly data and how to see total data used since GlassWire was first installed.

I went to the usage tab but can’t see the Yearly filter.

I am running on Windows 10 Pro.

Any fixes for this ?


How long have you had GlassWire installed? Has it been a year yet?

If you choose “custom” are you able to choose the custom time for the year? My menu is the same, but I have not had one GlassWire version running and one OS/Computer for one year yet.


It’s not been an year, but when i click custom i don’y get to select the custom time range.

It just stays stuck on the same day which is already open.

Hey Ken,

Never mind i figured it out, you have to click on the date :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and help.