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is there a plan to build up a mobile app for iOS or android that can be monitored throw wifi connection or remotely.

Thank you

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Many of us users are hoping that an app comes out soon. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been told in this forum:

In April 2016 we were told that an Apple Mac version of GlassWire is a greater priority than mobile:

The Mac version hasn’t come out yet but in November 2016 they mentioned an Android version is planned:

Two types of mobile app have been mentioned. You want GlassWire on your phone but some people just want to be able to see what GlassWire is doing on their desktops and servers:

  1. Have GlassWire monitoring a mobile phone.
  1. Use a mobile phone to remotely view GlassWire for Windows. First mentioned in October 2014 with Pulseway as an example:

We will announce the Android version first on our email list, listed on our download page.

We have posted some pre-release Android screenshots to our email list also.

I was on the email list but I didn’t receive that email. Have I dropped off the email list? I’ll re-add myself.

Edit: I am definitely on the mailing list because I couldn’t add my emaill address

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So could you add the screenshots here. Thanks

Hmmm, could the email be in your spam folder? I think it was the December newsletter. I will message it to you privately. I like to keep sneak peak stuff private only for the newsletter subscribers. :wink:

I will message it to @Hussain also.

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Hi Ken,

Could you please PM me the info and screenshots as well. I’m also subscribed to the newsletter and I have not received one.




I sent you the screenshot also. Thank you.