Will there be an Android version?

Before i start, I’ve seen one or two other threads like this but none give clear answers.

I really love using GlassWire for all kinds of uses.
Most commonly I use the block feature(Firewall) to limit usage as I like to use tethering to use my phone data on my PC as it has high speeds, although my data still gets eaten up by other apps on my phone and I am unsure how to limit my usages.

GlassWire for mobile devices to gain full control over data usage would be great, I would gladly purchase an Android version and sure so will others if it becomes available.

Can we get and Android or IOS versoin ?

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Yes, we have thought about mobile versions of GlassWire a lot and we hope to have some someday. Right now Mac is our priority, then we will move to mobile.

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Thanks, I look forward to it.

I’m glad Android is in the wind.