Mobile ask for connection

Is there a way to by default make apps ask to connect when they send out for a connection? Kinda like no root firewall? I prefer glasswires interface just want to know so I don’t have to dig through the list to allow apps that never ask.

Thank you


Yes, go to our firewall screen in our Android app and then you’ll see an option “automatically block newly installed apps”.

We don’t do this with every app though (only newly installed ones) because you’ll get the alerts all the time, and we have found for a mobile device it’s quite unusable.

Couldn’t there be a way to have them only pop-up a request when the app asks for a connection for the first time? It gives the user a better idea of what apps ask for a connection. After you say yes or no that app shouldn’t be able to ask again. Just wondering if that was possibly in the pipeline.

Thanks again


Yes, that’s exactly what GlassWire does currently. You can slide this setting to turn it on and you’ll get a notification unless you disabled GlassWire’s notifications.

Sorry not newly installed apps current apps that are installed. But have requested an internet connection for the first time since you added the firewall.

Thank you for your assistance


We tested with this scenario and found it was super annoying (too many notifications), but perhaps we’ll consider this as an option if enough people request it.

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Thank you Ken sorry I explained it poorly in the beginning.