Mobile / Desktop

If i understand correctly it looks like purchasing the Pro or Elite will not cover and android app that’s a separate purchase?

We’d love to let you use your desktop license with Android. Unfortunately Google requires we give them a percentage of our sales from Google Play and they don’t allow us to use our desktop activation codes on Android.

This is why we don’t mention Android at all on our desktop order page.

We are looking at a way for GlassWire Pro/Elite users to link their code to their Google account somehow.

Currently we can claim that our Android app does not access the network at all but if we do add this ability then we won’t be able to say that anymore. So I guess that will be the downside if we are able to link the accounts together…

Another downside to adding Google accounts to our activation system is that currently we have no databases on our servers with customer information. We prefer not to store customer information at all but if we do this we’ll have to have a database with customer email addresses at a minimum.



Reviving old topic, has there been any changes to this?

I would like to monitor phone traffic from my Desktop Elite suite, along with Android “premium” features, without having to separate subscriptions.