Mobile Firewall Activity

The android app shows total up and down date for a given period of time.

It shows real-time activity of each app in very limited fashion - little cutsie butterflies with the app icon flying away so you can feel like you are monitoring your activity. In reality this isn’t useful at all since the icons are barely visible and even if you saw something you wanted detail on you cant drill down. This appears to be more of a data management tool rather than firewall monitor like the desktop app.

Does the paid mobile app bring its usefulness closer to that of the desktop to see greater detail of network activity? Or is still just a data monitor tool?


Android gives no way to show live data graphs anymore.

" In 2018 we released our first major GlassWire Android update. We were fortunate that our fans loved the app and we were proud to have a 4.8 rating in Google Play!

Then later in 2019 Android 10 was released by Google. Unfortunately Google made it impossible for us to graph network data in real-time due to unexpected changes with an API we used. As our user base updated their phones to the latest Android OS versions they would find real-time data would no longer update reliably and our ratings fell.

We opened a ticket with Google and they marked it as “won’t fix”. We also found that Google made it impossible for us to block data by WiFi only, or Mobile only with our firewall.

Then even worse, many phones would kill our app completely so it couldn’t count accurately, or count at all in some cases. We were not the only developers with this issue either. It was a very difficult, sad, and stressful time for our team.

We could have given up, but instead we decided to completely rewrite the GlassWire Android app from scratch and make it super light and accurate, and that’s what we did!"

Our app has no butterflies but it does have some bubbles that show data usage. How real-time it is, it depends on your phone type.


We do have a speed meter in settings you can try if you’re a paid user, or in the trial.