Monitor MORE than 10 Computers - Is it possible?


Hi, I would like to monitor more than 10 PCs and I can see that the Elite version supports only 10 PCs. Is it possible to achieve this?

I would like to monitor a LAN of 25 PCs to see the amount of BW that each user uses and then take the necessary actions.




Yes, GlassWire can monitor more than 10 PCs (GlassWire Elite), but our UI is only so large, and your screen only has so much space. You can disconnect/reconnect to different PCs so you don’t have to view them all simultaneously unless that is necessary for your requirements.

You should buy Elite here

You can test with one remote PC for free by following these instructions


Hi, the problem is that I need to monitor/see the 25 at the same time so that I can take a look and discover what user/s are using the most bandwidth at a glance.

If I can see the 25 of them in any way (table or graph) it would then solve my problem.

My goal is to find out if, for instance, a user is using a P2P program and therefore slowing down the network for everyone on the LAN. That is why I need to take a look at a Glance to see if any of them is using a lot of bandwidth.




Yes, it should be possible to do so if your monitor is large enough. Our UI looks like this, so you can estimate the size by using our free version

We plan to improve remote monitoring in the future so more PCs can fit in a smaller space.


Can I receive alerts via e-mail if a monitored PC/Server reaches certain level of bandwidth usage ?




Go to GlassWire’s settings, then go to the “security” tab, then choose “bandwidth overage monitor”. This is a free feature anyone can use so you can try it before buying.