Monitor wireless devices connected to my router

I was told That I could use GW to monitor devices connected to my router and thus the web site those devices visit (i.e. parental control). True? I have GW installed on a desktop that is ethernet connected to my router. All other devices connect wireless. I see the traffic on the desktop, but not for my phone or laptop.


You can see other devices on the network through the things tab, though as far as I know you cannot monitor all of their traffic from your desktop. Though I’m sure one of the moderators will have a better idea, I am unsure. Maybe @Ken_GlassWire could help ^^

Hope this helps


GlassWire can tell you all the devices on your network and alert you when a new unknown device joins your network. We can also monitor other devices remotely as long as they are Windows PCs/Servers.

GlassWire can’t monitor your entire network though, because we can’t interface with our modem/router. There are too many different hardware brands and there is no clear API yet to monitor the entire network, otherwise we’d like to do that.

If you have Android devices you can install GlassWire there too to monitor those devices.

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Well, you can just change the password so wireless devices which is not suppose to be connected to your router will not gain access to it. It’s simple. Or this is not the case I’m thinking about?