Monitoring All Users on a Computer without the other users Knowing

Hello everyone,
I have setup a Windows 10 PC that 30 users. On any given day I have 10 users login at the same time from different parts of the country, remotely. I want to monitor what sites they visit and see how much time they spend per site and also be able to block certain sites. How can I view whats being blocked (malware) or scanned and from what user? Are all this things possible with this software or am I looking at the wrong thing for this? I need something not so robust as sonicwall but along the lines of some of their features.


You can install GlassWire on each account, but they will be able to see it’s there and they will know about its presence. GlassWire runs in the bottom right notification area.

IS there a way to disable access to none admin?

There is not. GlassWire is a network monitoring application for the user, not a secret spying application.

It sounds like you’re trying to avoid the additional cost of secure control and monitoring of remote access. There are several reasons why SonicWALL use physical devices on the network to control and monitor remote access. Running a Windows desktop computer is the cheapest option but it has all sorts of pitfalls including the one you’re trying to resolve.

I think that your best option to moniitor user activity in Windows desktop is using parental control features. See if the following article describes what you want to do:

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