Monitoring CIFS/SMB

Hello! First of all, I love this product. Second, I was wondering if Glasswire is able to track throughput going to and coming from CIFS/SMB network shares. I am able to see traffic occurring through my web browser and certain apps, but what would be really helpful is seeing what nodes I am hitting when accessing DFSR \shares. Is there a way to configure Glasswire to capture this activity?
Thanks in advance,


I am not familiar with CIFS/SMB network shares and how they would be monitored. Would this be something that has network activity that occurs from the device GlassWire is installed on? If so it should show the activity. If GlassWire is not showing the activity, then perhaps the machine should be rebooted. We warn during install that GlassWire might miss some network activity if the machine isn’t rebooted, but we don’t force the reboot.